Kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddling Albergo alla Spiaggia

Hotel in Grado
Albergo alla Spiaggia

Kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddling

The island of Grado is a favorite destination for kiters.

Beginners learn in a safe setting thanks to the constant winds and the shallow water, while experts can improve their technique by taking advantage of the super-flat areas of the Grado lagoon.

Surfing is also an option thanks to the southern “on shore” winds (sirocco and libeccio) and the two “side shore” winds (brezza and bora).

The best time of year for a kite surfing vacation is from April to June. In July the winds tend to lessen until mid August when the bora begins to blow more consistently.

Sand, flat-water, constant wind and zero obstacles make Grado the most popular kite surfing destination in the Adriatic. The kitelifegrado school, with its IKO and FIV certified instructors, will make your vacation full of energy and adrenaline.

Worried you are not in the best shape?

The school is open from April to September to individuals from 8 and up.

Not a problem as kitesurfing is a sport that is based on coordination and balance and can be practiced by everyone.