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Hotel in Grado
Albergo alla Spiaggia

The Grado Island

The Grado lagoon is a veritable mosaic of land and water with a dense network of navigable canals, fishing “valleys” and small reed-covered islands. It is one of the most beautiful natural habitats of the Adriatic and the entire Mediterranean. A true nature lover’s paradise, the lagoon provides a protected environment to many species of waterbirds such as herons, coots, mallards, ducks, swans, and cormorants.

A visit to a “casone” is a must. These typical thatched-roof huts were once shelters for fishermen and are now often used as private trattorias, where guests can taste typical local seafood dishes accompanied by a glass of wine from the DOC of Aquileia, an ancient Roman city located just a few kilometers inland.

East of the Grado lagoon, the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve offers an exceptional natural spectacle, and can also be explored by bicycle. It is just a short and easy ride from the hotel.

The island of Grado benefits from a pleasant moderate temperature with average temperatures ranging from 4°C in the month of January to 23°C  in the month of June.



Wellness and well-being

are guaranteed through the notable beneficial properties of Grado’s seawater and sand: renown even under the Habsburg Empire when nobility would retreat to Grado for long holidays. The Grado Spa offers some of the most modern and completely natural treatments for self-care and rehabilitation.